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Unseen 'Menace'!

However, Elastica LP is out soon

Elastica's new album is to be called 'The Menace', NME can reveal - because it was "a menace in every way" to record, according to singer Justine Frischmann.

She also revealed that original guitarist Donna Matthews quit after suffering a breakdown, but that the two were now reconciled. Frischmann also said that the band were set to release their cover of Trio's 1982 hit 'Da Da Da' as the first single from the album - against her better judgement.

Speaking to NME at last week's Premier Awards, she said: "It's (the album) called 'The Menace' because it has been for me in every possible way. Everything that could have possibly fucked up, fucked up. I'm very glad to be on the other side of it.

Although she declined to elaborate, Frischmann has previously alluded to drug misuse and other personal and musical problems in the band which saw Donna Matthews leave, bassist Annie Holland reclaim her job back from Sheila Chipperfield, and the addition of new members, keyboard player/vocalist Mew and guitarist Paul Jones.

However, she said that she was happy with the finished redult, which was rerecorded in six weeks with the new line-up, and was intent on concentrating on the future and working even more with the new members.

They have already contributed to the tracks 'Generator', 'Your Arse, My Place' and 'Mad Dog' on the album, the follow-up to the band's eponymous 1995 debut.

Frischmann continued: "I'm really pleased with it ('The Menace'), but I'm just really looking forward to moving on and writing from scratch with this band, because inevitably the writing that went on on 'The Menace' was bitty and went on over a long period of time.

"It's been difficult for this band, it's been difficult for Paul to have to play Donna's songs and shit like that. This album is a hurdle that we've just got to get past really."

The album comes out on April 3 through Deceptive and will be followed by a single.

"I want 'Mad Dog' to be the next single," Frischmann said, "but unfortunately, the powers that be are very up for us putting 'Da Da Da' out, which I've got a problem with. But, you know at this stage, the radio is so full of shitty boy bands, that if we get anything on it, it'll be a result, so I guess we'll go with it. It seems to me a bit of a weird move, but I just can't worry about it that much."

"We're going to release it after the album, so people have got a chance to hear the album first, as I don't want people to think that's representative of the album, 'cos it isn't."

Frischmann also revealed that she was now reconciled with Matthews after a year apart. The former guitarist turned up to see Elastica play their NME Premier Show at London's WC2 Astoria last week.

According to Frischmann, Matthews quit the group after suffering a breakdown, but was now a picture of health and a yoga devotee.

"She came to the gig and I said, 'How do you feel about us playing your songs and stuff?' And she said, 'Oh, I was really proud.' She's actually really like how she was when I first met her, it's amazing, she's kind of gone full circle. She's really a hippy at heart, Donna, she's brilliant, she's great. She told me she basically had a nervous breakdown and I think that she did. I'm just really glad she's OK now."

Frischmann also said that they would do any festival they got offered. "We need the cash!" she joked.