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Official press release: The Menace
(Deceptive Records)

Elastica release their long awaited second lp for Deceptive Records on April 3rd . Titled 'The Menace', it features 13 tracks and was mostly recorded in a six week period following Elastica's live return with a new line-up at last year's Reading Festival.

This new six piece Elastica which recorded much of 'The Menace' comprises founder members Justine Frischmann,guitar/vocals,Justin Welch,drums and Annie Holland, bass, together with keyboard player Dave Bush, guitarist Paul Jones and keyboard player/singer Mew. The appearancws at Reading and Leeds marked their first live shows.

At this point Elastica also released a six track EP which included a collaboration with Mark E Smith on the track "How He Wrote Elastica Man".

The other tracks were demo versions or works in progress, four of which were subsequently re-recorded and reworked with the new line-up.

All the tracks on The Menace were written by the band, except 'Da Da Da', a cover of the Trio hit from 1982. Of these tracks only 'Elastica Man' and 'Image Change' feature original guitarist Donna Matthews, although other compositions date from her period with the band.

Elastica released their first lp in March 1995, the band having formed in 1992, featuring Justine Frischmann,Justin Welch,Annie Holland and Donna Matthews.They had already graced the singles charts with hits like 'Connection' and 'Line Up' and 'Waking Up'.The self titled LP was a Number One record in the UK and sold over a million copies world-wide. The group then spent a rigorous two years touring throughout the UK, Europe, Japan,America and Australasia.

Elastica then stumbled to something of a halt. Annie actually left in the summer of 1995 thankfully to return to the band last year. In the meantime relations between Justine and Donna were becoming strained. Over the next two years Elastica played only a handful of shows including V96 and suffered a series of false starts in trying to record the songs for a new lp. These were not the best of times and it was finally confirmed last summer that Donna had actually left the group. Happily, having not seen each other in over a year Justine and Donna were reconciled following Elastica's packed to the rafters show at London's Astoria in January as part of the NME/Carling Premier week.

As that show proved, Elastica as a live band were now back on peak form. The old songs were as spunky and spiky as ever while the new ones slotted in easily although some are darker and more brooding...

After all the trials and tribulations, for the founder members, the last six months has almost been like starting all over again.

Justine confims this: "I'm really pleased with 'The Menace' but I'm really looking forward to moving on and writing from scratch with the band as it is now. It's ironic that after all the delays the lp was actually recorded really quickly - in six weeks. Obviously, the songs were written over a longer period of time but that doesn't make them any less great songs than if they were written the day before."

Right now, Elastica simply want to move on, release 'The Menace' after which they will tour the UK, play some Festivals and, basically, get on with being a band again.